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Being a foodie person I love reading about new Food products,Ingredients, Kitchen gadgets, Props, Photography tools etc. So if you got a great food product / ingredient ,  or you want to do a promotion feel free to contact me..My blog- Adorable Life ), is a food blog with step by step image recipes. So I used to get a lot of queries from my readers regarding the ingredients and utensils which I have used in the post. so I hope it would be great if I am suggesting something new to them from my experience..Giveaway collaborations are always welcome :)!! who doesn’t love giveaways…??

I would also love to develop recipes as per request along with delicious – drooling pictures.If needed ad space is also available.The only condition is that product or business should match with my blog. I am the only owner of this blog. so if there is something that has to be discussed, please do contact through email- nimmiafzal(at)gmail(dot)com

so in short My blog can offer you:

  • Product  Reviews ( it can include food product, ingredients, food props, photography tools, kitchen gadgets etc)
  • Ad Spaces
  • Recipe Development
  • Giveaways

If I am benefiting from a particular post or product review, definitely I will mention that to the readers that it is a sponsored post .

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