Oven Roasted Sweet & Spicy Chicken Drumsticks


Oven Roasted Sweet & Spicy Chicken Drumsticks Now a days I’m experimenting oven dishes with great happiness.. Because of my new oven..!! If you love baking, and if you got a great oven then what happens is really magic and exciting..   So few days back I tried an Oven Roasted Chicken Drumstick with all

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Sweet and Spicy Orange chicken

sweet and spicy orange chicken

Sweet and Spicy Orange Chicken I’m a big Chinese Cuisine lover.. Will Never get fed up of Fried rice, noodles, dumplings etc !! While dining from a restaurant, automatically I used to order Chinese , If they are listed in the menu!! I can’t help it… At home also I love trying new varieties of Chinese

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Honey Glazed Hot Chicken Drumstick( spicy)


Honey Glazed Hot Chicken Drumsticks ( spicy ) This was the first time i’m preparing something with chicken drumsticks..So i wanted to do it really different and exciting instead of normal fry?!! And here the Honey Glazed Hot Chicken Drumstick Recipe ? was done!! Its actually very spicy with a bit of sweetness to cover

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