Dates Milkshake

dates milkshake

Dates Milkshake I hope almost everyone loves Milkshakes!! My family too loves Milkshakes.. Especially to beat the hot weather..And what if the key ingredient for the Milkshake is packed with vitamins, fibers, minerals, calcium etc etc..?!!?? So today here I am posting a Milkshake recipe with a healthy Ingredient-DATES.. And that too the dates bought from Local

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Pomegranate-Apple Milk Shake

Today here I am coming with a yummy  drink??!! My blog is literally starving since the beginning of this month??!! Its a very busy month for my family..and we are mostly eating out.. Hope I could post recipes soon regularly as usual?!! 2 days back i prepared some healthy smoothie at night  so that i

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Watermelon Lemonade

Watermelon Lemonades With Gingery Ice Cubes: Today myself had a craving to drink something really refreshing and exciting!! So why not a lemonade!!?? And ended up my selection process in  watermelon??!! tried to keep the lemonade a bit gingery and cool!! made really exciting ice cubes?!!check out the quick refreshing recipe:

Falooda-Awesome Summer Drink

Falooda-Awesome Summer Drink: This is the very first time I am preparing Falooda.. Last one time i made it out of an instant Falooda mix .. But it tasted very bad.. So here’s my tried and tested version of Falooda, which my family loved!!And here I am taking this amazing drink to my friends at Angie’s Fiesta

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Orange Mint Summer Drink?

Orange-Mint-Summer Drink?: today evening i suddenly had a craving to drink something with mint.. So i thought why not to make an orange-mint drink ???!! And I am also taking this healthy drink to Angie’s Fiesta Friday party.. Ingredients: orange-2 mint leaves-a handful( or as per taste ) Honey-2 spoon cold water-1/4 cup( to give

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