Layered Avocado Strawberry Smoothie

Layered avocado strawberry smoothie

Avocado and Strawberry together makes a good combination. Both are my favorite fruits. Not just mine, full family loves it.Summer is the time for me to try all the possible types of smoothies, mojitos, coolers etc. I am sure that you might have tried these two smoothies individually.. Now, give a try to this awesome

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Banana- Strawberry – Cherry Smoothie

Cherry smoothie

Banana- Strawberry – Cherry Smoothie So How about a full jar of fresh sweet and tangy smoothie this summer?? I know , now all are ready for refreshing drinks anytime.. Recently we bought a new blender-Nutri Bullet, ( NB: IT’S NOT A SPONSORED POST??) keeping Ramadan on mind.. After opening the fast , we prefer

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Mango – Strawberry smoothie

Mango strawberry smoothie

Mango – Strawberry smoothie:   I think I’m in love with the combination of mango and strawberry?????!! Because recently in all smoothies I am adding these two as the key ingredients.. So here’s the recipe….

Strawberry-Mango-Apple Smoothie

Strawberry-Mango-Apple Smoothie: I just luv drinking fresh juices n smoothies.. On fridays im too lazy than usual?.. So i try to make the breakfast simple and healthy at the same time.. so tdy i experimented a new smoothie with 3 favourite fruits of us all..?!!┬áMango,strawberry and apple without adding any sugar… Ingredients: mango-1( without skin

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