Sweet And Spicy Chicken Noodles

My family just love Sweet and Spicy taste!! The first sweet bite followed with the spicy taste is heavenly ??…so last weekend I tried to blend it with noodles.. It was a great combination!! And really easy too.. I strongly recommend all of you to give a try for this awesome recipe.. It was really

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Chicken – Veggie Salad with Homemade Spicy Tahini Dressing

Chicken- Veggie Salad With Homemade Spicy Tahini Dressing: After long days today me and hubby had a craving to eat Some Salad.. So i decided to give a new taste to the salad dressing!! Tahini was my ultimate choice and made a twist to the usual taste..it came out really yummm?!! and the salad wasn’t

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Hunan Chicken

Restaurant hunan chciken

Hunan Chicken Hunan chicken is the starter which my family loves to order when we eat out.. Few days back when we had it last from restaurant mom asked me ” why can’t you try this at home??” That day i decided to try this wonderful recipe at home with the help of ┬áthe taste

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