Chicken Ravioli Lasagna / Ravioli Bake

chicken ravioli lasagna

Ravioli Lasagna / Ravioli Bake Yes!! Ravioli Lasagna.. You heard it right dear!! Ravioli + Lasagna!! It is an awesome combination !! I’m a big fan of both the dishes.. ( not just me, my full family )!So why not to mix both the things together?? And the result was toooooo yummmmm!! Actually for Ifthar

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Chicken Ravioli In Coconut-Garlic Sauce & Fried Chicken Ravioli

Chicken Ravioli in coconut garlic sauce

Chicken Ravioli In Coconut-Garlic Sauce!! & Fried Chicken Ravioli.. Today for Ifthar I wanted to prepare something juicy and soft.. Thus Chicken Ravioli was finalized..and then came the question about which sauce??!!?? So many things went through my mind.. I just ran my eyes through the kitchen cabinets and coconut milk powder took away all

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