Homemade Falafel Stuffed Pitas

Homemade Falafel stuffed Pitas

Falafel is a popular middle eastern dish.This is a favorite dish of almost everyone, especially those who are pure vegetarians. My hubby likes homemade falafels, rather than store bought ones. This is a very good Lunch box item too packed with lot of greens and proteins. This dish is a perfect Ramadan snack also ,as

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Cheesy Hash Browns balls

cheesy hash browns

Fried Cheesy Hash Brown balls: Yes!!!! CHEESY HASH BROWNS BALLS!! We all loves hash browns, isn’t it?? I’m really found of McDonald’s Hash browns!! So today I’m coming up with a new version of HASH BROWNS!! Cheese stuffed Hash browns.. It was a nice try!! All loved it.. Actually the cheesy balls were not enough

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Momos and red chilly dip!!

momos with red chilly dip

Momos: a native dish of Nepal !! Momos is one that dish which is very close to my heart!! I was introduced to lot many new tastes at the Capital City of India-New Delhi..!! The streets of Delhi amused me with its rich culture,crowd, and of course with the food varieties.. My first exposure to the

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Rice Dumplings With Shredded Chicken / “Irachi Pidi”:

irachi pidi

Rice Dumplings With Shredded Chicken/ “Irachi Pidi”: Today’s Fasting went really well… There was a cool breeze because of the rain..today I prepared my hubby’s favorite Ramadan Snack-” Irachi Pidi”.. He was quite surprised to see it on the dining table during Ifthar..!!it’s another dish from my hometown-Kerala which can be done in many ways as per

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“Irachi Pathiri”/ Meat Stuffed Snack

irachi pathiri

“Irachi Pathiri”/ Meat Stuffed Snack( Ramadan Special ):   So the first day of Ramadan passed very well..?!! And here’s one dish i made today..“irachi pathiri” is a typical malabari snack which my family loves to eat.. here’s the recipe of this authentic dish.. I am doing with chicken.. You people can replace the chicken filling

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