Dal Karela Sabzi

Dal Karela recipe

Dal Karela- Stir fried bitter gourd with chana dal / lentil So I guess all are back to normal life after Eid holidays. Now let’s talk about some normal food.By normal food I meant  dishes which can be served for lunch and dinner along with Roti / chapathi and rice everyday.Recently I am getting requests

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Aloo Methi

aloo methi

Aloo Methi(potato with FENUGREEK LEAVES )  I think Aloo-Methi (potato with FENUGREEK LEAVES) is an incredible dish among the North Indian Cuisine..!! Fenugreek leaves are really good for health especially, for diabetic patients.. It plays a good role in controlling the cholesterol level in blood and helps for digestion.. So here is a healthy and

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Butter Chicken / “Murgh Makhani”

Butter Chicken / ” Murgh Makhani “: Its sure that i would go for a Butter Chicken along with any bread / Naan if I am eating out!! I am a crazy fan of Butter Chicken??..i think most of us love the same ,isn’t it??? okayyy… So here’s is an easy recipe of Butter chicken which

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