Easy Guacamole Looking for ways to impress your guests / Family instead of the same usual snacks🤔?!How about adding some healthy super rich Dip along with chips/ Doritos?? Guacamole is the answer for all the questions 😃!! Mexican Cuisine is just amazing!! Nachos, Quesadillas, Enchiladas,Burritos , Guacamole etc etc… All are favorite dishes..whenever we order

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Sausage Mayo Tortilla/chapathi wrap in less than 10 mins

sausage wrap recipes

Sausage Mayo Tortilla/ Chapathi wrap in less than 10 minutes:  Sausage is something which pleases everyone in my home.. so here’s an easy recipe of sausage wrap which I made quickly  yesterday night .. wanted to eat something light and tasty because of the heavy Indian Lunch we had !! Ingredients: tortilla/ chapathi- 1 for

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