Meat Stuffed Chilly Fritters

Meat stuffed with chilly fritters

  Meat Stuffed Hot Chilly Fritters(Stuffed Mulaku Bhaji): Here is the recipe of a spicy  evening snack with Chillies!! yes , Chillies stuffed with yummy Minced beef filling.Must say, it was really yumm…Few days back it was raining, and  we all had a craving for some spicy evening snack..i was checking refrigerator for something and

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Shepherd’s Pie( my first attempt?)

Shepherd’s Pie(my very first attempt): I always wanted to try Shepherd’s Pie at home each time i see an image or hear on television?..but wasn’t sure how!!!!??but today decided to try it somehow.. And I watched a youtube Video to get the instructions regarding the basic steps involved in it..the one i watched was an

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Cheesy Beef Keema Macaroni

Cheesy minced beef macaroni : This is one of the basic recipes that i have  learned soon after my wedding in order to please my hubby?!! So this particular recipe is always close to my heart and of course favorite to  my hubby’s tummy ?…!! Each time i do this, i try to bring some

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