Creamy Tuna Sandwich

creamy tuna sandwich

First of all let me tell you, this creamy tuna sandwich is the easiest sandwich I have ever made. Every night before sleeping I would be planning what to pack for Lunch box the next day.. I am sure that’s a daily ritual for all of us. But last night because of a bad headache,

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Cajun Chicken Fajita Quesadilla

cajun chicken fajita quesadilla

Cajun Chicken Fajita Quesadilla I hope planning lunchbox menu is a big deal for everyone.. We have to consider certain factors such as healthy ingredients, easiness to prepare, easy to eat from school / work place.. For me Quesadilla is a favorite lunchbox item, in which I can stuff all kind of healthy ingredients so

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Chicken Mortadella -Egg Sliders

I hope this would be a great breakfast recipe on busy mornings.. Or a good party food/ an easy lunchbox recipe/ dinner recipe!! The best thing I loved in this recipe is that, just in one tray we can prepare a need to make each one separate!! The filling of the slider depends completely

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Sausage Mayo Tortilla/chapathi wrap in less than 10 mins

sausage wrap recipes

Sausage Mayo Tortilla/ Chapathi wrap in less than 10 minutes:¬† Sausage is something which pleases everyone in my home.. so here’s an easy recipe of sausage wrap which I made quickly ¬†yesterday night .. wanted to eat something light and tasty because of the heavy Indian Lunch we had !! Ingredients: tortilla/ chapathi- 1 for

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