Lasagne Rolls With Tuna Filling in Pasta Sauce

Lasagne Rolls With Tuna Filling: This is the continuity post of  1 Filling And 2 Recipes!!( Tuna with Pasta Sauce made to-1)Puff Rolls & 2) Lasagne Rolls)..there i posted the recipe of Puffs..and here come the recipe of lasagne rolls…I also posted the recipe of Indo-Italian Lasagne recipe soon after i started this this is

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Lasagne, Indo- Italian fusion( chicken n veggie )

Indo- Italian fusion Lasagna with Chicken And Veggies

  Lasagna is one of my favorite dishes to prepare and eat as well!! The Italian taste and flavor of lasagna is really rich by all means!! Here I am giving a try to blend veggies cooked in Indian taste along  with chicken cooked in Italian style!! But surprisingly the result was really awesome!! This cheesy

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