Shahi Tukda

Double ka meeta / shahi tukda recipe

Indian Style Bread Pudding Shahi Tukda is a family favorite sweet dish all the way from India. The recipe is too delicious and easy as well. This is something you can make all a sudden without any kind of planning and with the readily available ingredients of your pantry. Yesterday I made this without any

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Malabari Fish Biryani

Malabari fish biryani recipe

I am really very happy to post the recipe of Fish Biryani / Meen Biryani, as this is my favorite type of biryani. Whenever we are eating biryani from outside, obviously my  order would be fish biryani / prawns Biryani. I can eat fish biryani three times a day:)!! So you can imagine how crazy

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Red Lentil / Masoor Dal Curry with Shallots

Masoor Dal / Red Lentil curry

Red Lentil / Masoor Dal Curry with Shallot Today I am posting a quick curry recipe which you can do easily.. And that too with the easily available ingredients in our Kitchen..Few days back in my Facebook page one Bachelor friend commented asking for some quick curry recipes they can try after a hectic day

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