Shahi Tukda

Double ka meeta / shahi tukda recipe

Indian Style Bread Pudding Shahi Tukda is a family favorite sweet dish all the way from India. The recipe is too delicious and easy as well. This is something you can make all a sudden without any kind of planning and with the readily available ingredients of your pantry. Yesterday I made this without any

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Kerala Vellarikka Pachadi

Kerala vellarikka pachadi recipe

Sadya Dish 2 – Vellarikka/ Yellow Cucumber Pachadi: So here comes the second item from the famous Kerala Sadya. This is my another favorite sadya dish after Aviyal. There are two reasons for loving this curry. First one is obviously the awesome taste and the second reason is the simple recipe of this curry It’s

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Spicy Desiccated Coconut Chammanthi

Spicy Thenga Chammanthi Hi guyz…??!! I hope all are njoying summer / monsoon depending where you are residing currently ..So here comes a quick recipe which you can Njoy on both the times..Actually I was about to post this recipe during Ramadan?!! But it’s okay, this recipe we can try anytime.. Chammanthi will go quite

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Broccoli-Chickpeas Curry / Broccoli-Chana Masala

My family loves Chana Masala(Chickpeas curry) goes really well with Chapathi /Naan/ any kind of bread..and few days back i made some with a new addition of Broccoli to was super Healthy & yummmm…!!yeah was awesome for supper along with Chapathi.. I have posted another version of Chana with Cauliflower (Chana-Gobi Masala) during the early days

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Pav Bhaji Masala

Indian Street Food- Pav Bhaji Masala: Pav bhaji masala plays a key role in the list of top best Indian street food.. Its delicious and at the same time healthy too because of its veggie ingredients..Its a special feeling to have these kind of food from the streets of India.. Even I cherish the memory

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