Onam Special Parippu Payasam

Onam special parippu payasam recipe

 Kerala Style Dessert With Mung Dal So advanced happy Onam to all my friends.. Payasam is a Kerala style dessert made with rice/wheat /certain type of lentils along with milk / coconut milk. Onam Sadya cannot be completed without one or two type of  payasam’s. So many varieties of payasam’s are available. Almost three years back

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Carrot Halwa / Carrot Ladoo

Carrot Halwa / Carrot Ladoo: I LOVE CARROTS😍😍!! So anything made with Carrots are Double like for me😃.. My hubby not at all loved carrots before.. But ever since I started cooking for him,he started eating carrots.. nowadays asking me “why can’t you make Carrot thoran( stir fried carrots with coconut),carrot halwa etc”…!!!   All this

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