Salad Recipes Round Up

salad recipes round up

Salad Recipes Round Up I┬áhaven’t stayed away from my blog like this before:-( a days i am cooking as usual.but due to some technical problems and busy life,not posting recipes..hopefully waiting to post yummy recipes soon!! i really missed posting,styling and sharing yummy food stuff with you all..its very hard to stay back.. but these

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Roasted Carrots,Quail Eggs,Sausage Salad

Roasted Carrots,Quail Eggs,Sausage Salad(really yummy): this is the first time i had to cook the same dish twice for supper?!!now a days we mostly prefer to eat healthy-yummy salads for supper..and this salad was a super hit at the table and soon after finishing a full tray, my hubby asked me to prepare some more

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