Lamb korma/ mutton kuruma

Lamb Korma/kuruma!! One of the most celebrated item in our family menu!! We buy lamb occasionally,mainly because of the fact that we are not that fond of lamb like chicken..So whenever I am about to cook mutton my husband prefers it this way-Korma/ Kuruma!! Lamb cooked in spicy thick coconut sauce is really a good

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Malabari Chicken Dum Biryani

Malabari chicken dum biryani

Malabari Chicken Biryani ( step by step images ): “Biryani”, one great dish which takes you to the world of rich flavor and happiness?!! My favorite food  which I LOVE to eat whenever  I feel low or overjoyed ?!! In my opinion ,one should forget about the diet plans while eating biryani !! In order

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