Kozhi Ada

kozhi ada

So the first week of Ramadan is over.I hope all our prayers and fast be accepted in this Holy month.This is my first post of the month and first post during this Ramadan too. I am really happy to hear that my previous recipe post 30+ Ramadan Recipe Round up , was really helpful to you all.

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Chicken Mortadella -Egg Sliders

I hope this would be a great breakfast recipe on busy mornings.. Or a good party food/ an easy lunchbox recipe/ dinner recipe!! The best thing I loved in this recipe is that, just in one tray we can prepare a lot..no need to make each one separate!! The filling of the slider depends completely

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“Unnakaya”/ plantain stuffed with Walnut-Cashew -Coconut mixture!!


“Unnakaya”/ plantain filled with Walnut-Cashew -Coconut Mixture!! This is another evening snack which my dear hubby asks me to prepare often.. ??!! It’s a traditional plantain sweet recipe all the way from Kerala.. The fillings absolutely depends on our taste buds?!! So each time I try to keep changing the filling..so today I tried it

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Chicken Stuffed Crispy Egg Boxes

chicken stuffed egg boxes

I couldn’t resist myself  from posting this recipe which is almost similar to an old post of mine “ Chicken Stuffed Egg Butterflies“!! But this time I replaced the spicy batter with the crispy pastry rolls with a change in taste!! And here’s Egg Boxes instead of Butterflies.. Do give a try and enjoy it

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