Cheesy Hash Browns balls

cheesy hash browns

Fried Cheesy Hash Brown balls: Yes!!!! CHEESY HASH BROWNS BALLS!! We all loves hash browns, isn’t it?? I’m really found of McDonald’s Hash browns!! So today I’m coming up with a new version of HASH BROWNS!! Cheese stuffed Hash browns.. It was a nice try!! All loved it.. Actually the cheesy balls were not enough

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Chicken Stuffed Grilled Buttermilk Biscuits

Chicken stuffed biscuits

Chicken Stuffed Grilled Biscuits I always wanted to try stuffed recipes with biscuits.. So this Ramadan finally I tried it ??!! I loved making stuffed biscuits .. Even my hubby was excited to see the new recipe.. As I started working late  and It was getting late for Ifthar, instead of baking I opted the

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Tuna – Veggie Patties

Tuna is a healthy food ingredient with lot of Vitamin B6 & B12,phosphorus,proteins,Niacin and Selenium.. And with low amount of saturated it’s always good to include this healthy food item in our daily diet.. My li’l one never used to eat tuna when I made a curry or salad out of it.. So the idea of

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Bread Pudding with White Chocolate( in less than 20 mins )

Bread Pudding with White Chocolate( in less than 20 mins )!! Today I made Bread pudding for Ifthar.. It was really easy to do!! And came out so well!! The bread pudding just vanished from the dining table soon after it was served??!!even my dad and mom who were not so interested in sweet dishes, had

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“Irachi Pathiri”/ Meat Stuffed Snack

irachi pathiri

“Irachi Pathiri”/ Meat Stuffed Snack( Ramadan Special ):   So the first day of Ramadan passed very well..?!! And here’s one dish i made today..“irachi pathiri” is a typical malabari snack which my family loves to eat.. here’s the recipe of this authentic dish.. I am doing with chicken.. You people can replace the chicken filling

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Chicken Stuffed Crispy Egg Boxes

chicken stuffed egg boxes

I couldn’t resist myself  from posting this recipe which is almost similar to an old post of mine “ Chicken Stuffed Egg Butterflies“!! But this time I replaced the spicy batter with the crispy pastry rolls with a change in taste!! And here’s Egg Boxes instead of Butterflies.. Do give a try and enjoy it

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