“Chatti Pathiri”- with Caramelized Plantain & Egg

sweet chatti pathiri

“Chatti Pathiri”- with┬áCaramelized┬áPlantain & Egg(Kerala style sweet crepe cake): “Chatti Pathiri” is a popular Malabari dish from Kerala.. Wikipedia describes it as:” a layered pastry made in Malabar region of Kerala,India.It is made in both sweet and savory variations. And the dish is similar to Italian Lasagne”!! So I hope my friends out there got

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Kothu Porotta

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends out there..I hope everyone njoyed the day well with lots of love and yummy food..so after every celebration there would be some kind of leftovers in our refrigerator­čĄö!! Isn’t it?? So here’s a recipe to use up almost what you have as leftovers.. And this recipe can be done

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Grilled Egg Sausage Sandwich

We all knows how hard it is to provide varieties to work/school lunch boxes?!! Sandwiches and Quesadillas are an important part of our busy lives.. So far, I tried a number of new sandwich fillings.. It’s all about creativity and what we got at pantry/ freezer?!Two key factors to be considered are easiness and health..

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Strawberry-Egg Pudding in no time!

So here comes a recipe post after FOUR long months?!! I don’t know how I stayed away from my blog and friends over here for such a looooooooooooooong time?! I was cooking as usual,but still couldn’t make a post… And one thing made me really glad, even though I was not active ,my blog was

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Chicken Stuffed Egg Butterflies (step by step images)

chicken stuffed egg

Chicken Stuffed Egg Butterflies (step by step images):   This is one that snack which my cousins used to ask me to make when they are visiting us..So its obvious that this Chicken Stuffed Egg Butterflies would be my signature dish… Yeah, i love preparing this easy snack and sharing with my family and friends…its

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Fried egg curry with coconut milk

Fried egg curry with coconut milk: Egg is that one ingredient which allows us to make it however v wants!! So many yummy recipes are possible with Egg!! Here im posting n easy curry with boiled egg with a small twist? This curry could be served with rice, chapathi, bread…..its really delicious coz of its

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