Creamy Tuna Sandwich

creamy tuna sandwich

First of all let me tell you, this creamy tuna sandwich is the easiest sandwich I have ever made. Every night before sleeping I would be planning what to pack for Lunch box the next day.. I am sure that’s a daily ritual for all of us. But last night because of a bad headache,

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Fried egg curry with coconut milk

Fried egg curry with coconut milk: Egg is that one ingredient which allows us to make it however v wants!! So many yummy recipes are possible with Egg!! Here im posting n easy curry with boiled egg with a small twist? This curry could be served with rice, chapathi, bread…..its really delicious coz of its

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Easy Sausage -bell pepper -egg scrambled!!( step by step images)

Easy Sausage-Bell pepper-egg scrambled!!   Its really true, that “necessity is the mother of invention” !!one night i was feeling so lazy(more than normally as i used to be?) n hungry too!!and it was very late.. So i decided to make something easy And quick,by bringing our favourite ingredients together to an easy mealĀ !! And

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