Oven Roasted Sweet & Spicy Chicken Drumsticks


Oven Roasted Sweet & Spicy Chicken Drumsticks Now a days I’m experimenting oven dishes with great happiness.. Because of my new oven..!! If you love baking, and if you got a great oven then what happens is really magic and exciting..   So few days back I tried an Oven Roasted Chicken Drumstick with all

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Zero Oil Chicken Curry in less Than 15mins!!

zero oil chicken curry

Zero Oil Chicken Curry Hiiiiii everyone!! It’s been a long time .. Posting after a big gap..life is getting really┬ábusy and these days I was completely away from my kitchen..!! Kind of fed up with the take outs!.. Soooooo it’s time to get back to the kitchen & to my blogging world????!! today i’m coming

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Arabic Chicken Machboos

Arabic Chicken Machboos: Since last 3 days I was really busy ..?!! that’s why couldn’t post new recipes..So today Im posting something very yummy and quick in order to meet the absence.. Arabic cuisine is really rich with its flavors and at the same time simple too..so here’s the recipe of much boos? which is

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