Chicken Mortadella -Egg Sliders

I hope this would be a great breakfast recipe on busy mornings.. Or a good party food/ an easy lunchbox recipe/ dinner recipe!! The best thing I loved in this recipe is that, just in one tray we can prepare a need to make each one separate!! The filling of the slider depends completely

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Grilled Egg Sausage Sandwich

We all knows how hard it is to provide varieties to work/school lunch boxes?!! Sandwiches and Quesadillas are an important part of our busy lives.. So far, I tried a number of new sandwich fillings.. It’s all about creativity and what we got at pantry/ freezer?!Two key factors to be considered are easiness and health..

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Easy to do Bread chicken Burger Sandwich in 10mins

Easy to do Bread chicken Burger Sandwich in 10mins: Today i did this quick sandwich for breakfast.. Its not that special, still very easy to do.. So i thought of sharing it ? Ingredients: bread-as per needed( 3 bread slices for 1sandwich) Chicken burger-1 for each sandwich( i used frozen) Cucumber-1( sliced thin ) onion-

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Strawberry Banana Pancake

pancake with strawberry jam

Strawberry Banana Pancake: Strawberry and Banana are two favorite fruits of my family.. So I decided to make the first pancake more delicious and nutritious with these fruits??. I made it as a Friday Breakfast.. So myself, hubby and I’ll one thoroughly ┬ánjoyed our holiday breakfast.. Here’s the simple Recipe: