Chicken Kuruma

Chicken kuruma

Kerala style Chicken curry cooked in spicy coconut sauce If you ask me which is my personal favorite Kerala style chicken curry, the answer would be this Chicken Kuruma!! This is that chicken curry which I can prepare over and over again..I love t serve this delicious curry along with another special recipe from Kerala-

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Achari Roasted Chicken

achari roasted chicken

Are you looking for some quick fix for dinner..?? here is something that I makes on lazy nights.. the best part of this Achari roasted chicken is that, you are investing zero effort.. but the outcome is almost like a grand feast.. my family loves this spicy juicy roasted chicken .. This recipe is a

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Restaurant style Chicken Chukka

Chicken Chukka

Chicken Chukka- Spicy Chicken in Thick Dry Masala None of us wants to eat the same kind of food every time..All are looking for varieties in food, right?? So here is a new recipe with chicken-RESTAURANT STYLE CHICKEN CHUKKA. I tasted chicken chukka for the first time from an Indian restaurant at Qatar.And still I

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Sweet and Spicy Orange chicken

sweet and spicy orange chicken

Sweet and Spicy Orange Chicken I’m a big¬†Chinese Cuisine lover.. Will Never get fed up of Fried rice, noodles, dumplings etc !! While dining from a restaurant, automatically I used to order Chinese , If they are listed in the menu!! I can’t help it… At home also I love trying new varieties of Chinese

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Chicken Ravioli Lasagna / Ravioli Bake

chicken ravioli lasagna

Ravioli Lasagna / Ravioli Bake Yes!! Ravioli Lasagna.. You heard it right dear!! Ravioli + Lasagna!! It is an awesome combination !! I’m a big fan of both the dishes.. ( not just me, my full family )!So why not to mix both the things together?? And the result was toooooo yummmmm!! Actually for Ifthar

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Chicken Enchiladas in Spicy White Sauce


Chicken Enchiladas in Spicy White Sauce Are you wondering what to prepare for Ifthar quickly?? Here is one easy recipe.. Go and grab the Tortilla packet laying there in the pantry shelf.. And some chicken pcs from the freezer ?!! And amaze your family and guests with yummy spicy Enchiladas ??!! Actually we love this

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Chinese Spring Rolls with Chicken & Broccoli

Chicken spring roll

Chinese Spring Rolls with Chicken & Broccoli Hi friends,.we all love Chinese food, Isn’t it?? And what if , it is less oily and more veg stuffed??Yesssss…I knew that you people were looking for such a recipe for Ifthar..?!   My family too loves Chinese food and Spring rolls!! So for last days’ Ifthar I

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Fried Chicken Curry in Coconut Milk

chicken curry

Fried Chicken Thighs Curry Hello everyone.. I think I am posting a non-veg recipe after a big gap..!! Yeah, you can see my last few posts were completely vegetarian stuff!! So here I am breaking the pattern with a yummy Chicken Curry.. This time it’s almost everyone’s favorite Chicken Thighs recipe!! And chicken ¬†was shallow

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Tortilla Casserole With Chicken & Cauliflower

Tortilla casserole is that one recipe which I always wanted to try..and last week I made it?!! With the not so favorite ingredient of my family-cauliflower( but I love cauliflower)!!added some chicken chunks as well to please my husband and daughter..?!! So my version of Tortilla Casserole is enriched with The Indian Spices..!!and the magic

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