Chicken-Egg kebabs

Chicken- egg Kebab

Egg -Chicken kebabs/ Patties Ramadan Kareem to everyone..I wish you all happiness and peace in this Holy month of Ramadan..Lets be good humans and be nice with each other..And I wish the goodness of this month may stays forever inside us.. So the first day of Ramadan went nicely.. I tried to keep a minimal

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Red Spinach-Chicken Patties!!

Red Spinach-Chicken Patties!! Today for Ifthar my preparation was a healthy version of Patties?!!patties with red spinach and Chicken along with potato¬†& tasted so good??!!   The plate was emptied within few minutes and I got just one?!!but still I am so happy that my family loved it??.. It was super delicious, my first

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