Carrot Apple Cheese Spring Rolls

carrot apple cheese spring roll

Carrot Apple Cheese Spring Rolls!! Yesterday for our Ifthar grated carrot was the star ?!! I served two different snacks with carrot as the key ingredient.. 1) samosa with carrot and egg filling 2)carrot apple cheese spring rolls The recipe of the first one is already posted which is spicy..and made the other one sweet

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Macaroni Chicken Casserole

Macaroni Chicken Casserole: Im a big macaroni lover?.. so do my whole family.. Because of that  I try new new recipes with macaroni ..This macaroni chicken casserole was prepared a while no step by step Images??!! It was really yummy?… Ingredients: chicken breast- 2 pcs( chopped ) Broccoli-1/2 of big 1 red bell pepper-1/2(

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