“Unnakaya”/ plantain stuffed with Walnut-Cashew -Coconut mixture!!


“Unnakaya”/ plantain filled with Walnut-Cashew -Coconut Mixture!! This is another evening snack which my dear hubby asks me to prepare often.. ??!! It’s a traditional plantain sweet recipe all the way from Kerala.. The fillings absolutely depends on our taste buds?!! So each time I try to keep changing the filling..so today I tried it

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Hunan Chicken

Restaurant hunan chciken

Hunan Chicken Hunan chicken is the starter which my family loves to order when we eat out.. Few days back when we had it last from restaurant mom asked me ” why can’t you try this at home??” That day i decided to try this wonderful recipe at home with the help of ¬†the taste

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Coconut-Cashew-Spices enriched Chicken Korma

Coconut-Cashew-Whole Spices enriched Chicken Korma: Today Im soooo happy to post my 29th recipe post ?!! Bcz tdy its been a whole month after starting my blog??!! Don’t know hw faaaaaaast time flew…. A very big thanks to all encouraged me through likes, views,following,comments etc..And another big thanks n hug to my hubby n daughter,

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Creamy Rajma Curry

rajma curry

Creamy¬†kidney beans Curry Kidney beans or Rajma is a highly nutritious food ingredient which I try to include in our diet somehow.. Each time in a different way to please my non too Veggie family..For me rajma chawal is like a comfort food which I can eat anytime.. So here’s a thick rajma curry enriched

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