Malabari Fish Biryani

Malabari fish biryani recipe

I am really very happy to post the recipe of Fish Biryani / Meen Biryani, as this is my favorite type of biryani. Whenever we are eating biryani from outside, obviously my  order would be fish biryani / prawns Biryani. I can eat fish biryani three times a day:)!! So you can imagine how crazy

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Crispy Potato Fried Vegetable Biryani

veg biryani

Crispy Potato Fried Vegetable Biryani: This weekend was dedicated to veggie recipes?!! Crispy Potato Fried vegetable Biryani was the star of the lunch..?? somehow I convinced my hubby( who loves only chicken biryani), to eat this Veg Biryani .. that too on a holiday!! yaaaay! so here comes a super veg Biryani recipe in order

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