Easy Chopped Shrimp Fried Rice

easy chopped shrimp fried rice

Easy Chopped Shrimp Fried Rice Few days back I was wondering what to prepare for dinner.. And was not in a mood to stay in the kitchen for long.. So I wanted to make something easy and filling.. Thankfully there was some leftover shrimp in the refrigerator.. That too big sized ones, but less in

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Tomato- Curd Rice

tomato curd rice

Tomato- Curd Rice Some days, we don’t feel like cooking a great lunch ! Tired and lazy days.. This Tomato-Curd Rice is what I used to make during such days.. It’s not exactly the South Indian Curd rice , in which the rice is almost mashed before cooking.. But the best thing is that ,

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spicy Chicken Arabic Kabsa

spicy kabsa

Spicy Chicken Kabsa Kabsa is a popular Arabic rice dish originated from Saudi Arabia.. And it is available in all GCC countries , sometimes the name may differ. From childhood my taste buds are used to this yummy rice dish as my dad made it on special occasions . It was really nice to watch

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Shrimp Curry In Coconut Sauce( Kerala style Chemmeen Curry)

Naadan Chemmeen Curry: This is how my mom cooks shrimp..I hope the very same recipe would be followed by almost all keralites?!yeah.. It’s very yummy and Too quick to do.. The shrimp tastes awesome with the rich spicy coconut sauce.. Would go with any kind of rice / bread.. at times,Me and hubby would drink

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Soya Chunks Rice,Grilled Paneer( Cottage Cheese) with Mint Dip(Veg Indian Platter)

Soya Chunks Rice,Grilled Paneer( Cottage Cheese) with Mint Dip: Yesterday I prepared a complete vegetarian platter for dinner !! Paneer and soya chunks were the key ingredients.. So I am taking this to Angie’s Firsta Friday#24!! Hope all my veg  and non-veg friends would love it?!!

Rice Dumplings With Shredded Chicken / “Irachi Pidi”:

irachi pidi

Rice Dumplings With Shredded Chicken/ “Irachi Pidi”: Today’s Fasting went really well… There was a cool breeze because of the rain..today I prepared my hubby’s favorite Ramadan Snack-” Irachi Pidi”.. He was quite surprised to see it on the dining table during Ifthar..!!it’s another dish from my hometown-Kerala which can be done in many ways as per

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Anchovy Fish in Crushed Coconut Paste/ Natholi Thoran

Anchovy Fish in Crushed Coconut Paste/ Natholi Thoran: This is one recipe that I dint tried yet..but I’m used to eat well it when my mom cooks.. The taste is so divine??!! We could eat it with rice or even without ?, it’s that tasty!! Anchovy fish is full of health benefits..its really good for

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Broccoli-Egg-Fried Rice

Arabic Chicken Machboos

Arabic Chicken Machboos: Since last 3 days I was really busy ..?!! that’s why couldn’t post new recipes..So today Im posting something very yummy and quick in order to meet the absence.. Arabic cuisine is really rich with its flavors and at the same time simple too..so here’s the recipe of much boos? which is

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