Cajun Beef-Spinach Lasagna

cajun beef spinach lasagna

Lasagna is my family’s favorite dinner recipe..Even I love cooking lasagna..I have already posted three lasagna recipes..I think now you can understand how much I love Lasagna..The first lasagna recipe was a true blend between the veggies cooked with Indian spices and minced chicken cooked with Italian spices.And the lasagna tasted awesome with two different tastes in

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Creamy Cheesy Chicken Penne Pasta With Veggies

creamy cheesy chicken penne pasta with veggies

Creamy Cheesy Chicken Penne Pasta Loaded With Veggies If somebody asks me which is your favorite food to cook and eat as well??, my answer would be PASTA!!! I don’t know why I’m in so much love with this food?! It can be any kind of pasta.. I love all varieties of pasta, Spaghetti, lasagna,

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Chicken Ravioli Lasagna / Ravioli Bake

chicken ravioli lasagna

Ravioli Lasagna / Ravioli Bake Yes!! Ravioli Lasagna.. You heard it right dear!! Ravioli + Lasagna!! It is an awesome combination !! I’m a big fan of both the dishes.. ( not just me, my full family )!So why not to mix both the things together?? And the result was toooooo yummmmm!! Actually for Ifthar

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Vegan Mushroom Penne Pasta

mushroom penne pasta

Italian (Vegan) Mushroom Penne Pasta-a quick recipe How many Pasta lovers here???? I hope almost all will say “YES”!!!! Anytime I am ready to cook Pasta.. My family’s favorite kind of pasta is Penne Pasta..I prefer to stick with Easy and Handy recipes , so that I can cook in a hurry without much effort..If

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Creamy Cheesy Chicken Penne Pasta( in white sauce with few ingredients)

Creamy Cheesy Chicken Penne Pasta( in white sauce with few ingredients): Today i had a craving to eat creamy chicken pasta with few ingredients ? i made the white sauce with lots of  Garlic and tried not to add much veggie stuff other than Onion..The cheesy creamy pasta tasted awesome.. Everyone loved it..???!! So thought to share

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Indo- Italian fusion Lasagna with Chicken And Veggies

  Lasagna is one of my favorite dishes to prepare and eat as well!! The Italian taste and flavor of lasagna is really rich by all means!! Here I am giving a try to blend veggies cooked in Indian taste along  with chicken cooked in Italian style!! But surprisingly the result was really awesome!! This cheesy

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Cheesy Beef Keema Macaroni

Cheesy minced beef macaroni : This is one of the basic recipes that i have  learned soon after my wedding in order to please my hubby?!! So this particular recipe is always close to my heart and of course favorite to  my hubby’s tummy ?…!! Each time i do this, i try to bring some

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