Mixed Berry Brownie

Christmas special mixed berry browniet,

Christmas Special- Mixed Berry Brownie Merry Christmas everyone..I hope all are having a good time with your loved ones. And of course you people would be busy preparing and sharing awesome yummy Christmas treats. So here is my Christmas treat to you all-Mixed Berry Brownies with melting chocolate chips inside it.. Yes, you heard it

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Strawberry Peach Lemonade

strawberry peach lemonade

Summer Drink- Strawberry Peach Lemonade It’s pretty hot outside, isn’t it?? So today I am coming with a big glass of lemonade enriched with Strawberry and Peach!! I am not telling this a sweet yummy drink.. But one thing I can assure, this is a refreshing healthy drink with a light sour taste as well.. This is

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Chicken Ravioli Lasagna / Ravioli Bake

chicken ravioli lasagna

Ravioli Lasagna / Ravioli Bake Yes!! Ravioli Lasagna.. You heard it right dear!! Ravioli + Lasagna!! It is an awesome combination !! I’m a big fan of both the dishes.. ( not just me, my full family )!So why not to mix both the things together?? And the result was toooooo yummmmm!! Actually for Ifthar

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Chicken Enchiladas in Spicy White Sauce


Chicken Enchiladas in Spicy White Sauce Are you wondering what to prepare for Ifthar quickly?? Here is one easy recipe.. Go and grab the Tortilla packet laying there in the pantry shelf.. And some chicken pcs from the freezer ?!! And amaze your family and guests with yummy spicy Enchiladas ??!! Actually we love this

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Stir Fried Chicken With Vegetables!!

With Leftover Roasted Chicken: After so many Sweet posts, here comes a Spicy one?!! Actually I love preparing and eating Spicy  Dishes rather than Sweet!! We make sweet dishes on special occasions or whenever any of us have a craving .. Today i am coming with something that would be very handy to all of u..this

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Carrot Lassi

Carrot Lassi( carrot-yogurt drink ): Today when i was about to make carrot juice, this new idea striked me?!!How about a Lassi instead of the usual juice.. so that’s how i decided to try a new lassi recipe with carrot..it was really a good try.. The result was super yummm.. Lassi is a sweet Indian

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Butter Chicken / “Murgh Makhani”

Butter Chicken / ” Murgh Makhani “: Its sure that i would go for a Butter Chicken along with any bread / Naan if I am eating out!! I am a crazy fan of Butter Chicken??..i think most of us love the same ,isn’t it??? okayyy… So here’s is an easy recipe of Butter chicken which

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Kerala Fish Curry( meen mulakittathu)

Kerala Fish Curry( Meen Mulakittathu -king fish): I am so happy to post today’s recipe- Kerala Style Fish Curry/ Meen Mulakittathu!! This is one that recipe of my dad which is being frequently asked by our family and friends..if i am right,i have prepared the recipe or wrote the recipe a couple of times for

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Mac-Bread Salad With Feta & Garlic, Italian Salad Dressing

Mac-Bread Salad With Feta & Garlic, Italian Seasoning: so here comes another new salad recipe?!! I think my blog is too full of salad varieties ( this is 5th/ 6th)!! But i can’t stop myself from sharing all new experiments with you all.. yesterday i cooked some extra macaroni so that i could add some

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