Tomato- Curd Rice

tomato curd rice

Tomato- Curd Rice Some days, we don’t feel like cooking a great lunch ! Tired and lazy days.. This Tomato-Curd Rice is what I used to make during such days.. It’s not exactly the South Indian Curd rice , in which the rice is almost mashed before cooking.. But the best thing is that ,

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Pepper Chicken fry with Vegetables

chicken pepper fry with vegetables

Vegetable-Chicken Pepper Fry ( with leftover chicken )  Are you wondering what to do with the leftover chicken or any meat in the refrigerator from different preparations ??? Here is a recipe to solve your problem.. I was having a small bowl of chilly chicken from last day’s take out and 2 pieces of marinated

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Chicken-Egg kebabs

Chicken- egg Kebab

Egg -Chicken kebabs/ Patties Ramadan Kareem to everyone..I wish you all happiness and peace in this Holy month of Ramadan..Lets be good humans and be nice with each other..And I wish the goodness of this month may stays forever inside us.. So the first day of Ramadan went nicely.. I tried to keep a minimal

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Meat Stuffed Chilly Fritters

Meat stuffed with chilly fritters

  Meat Stuffed Hot Chilly Fritters(Stuffed Mulaku Bhaji): Here is the recipe of a spicy  evening snack with Chillies!! yes , Chillies stuffed with yummy Minced beef filling.Must say, it was really yumm…Few days back it was raining, and  we all had a craving for some spicy evening snack..i was checking refrigerator for something and

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Kothu Porotta

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends out there..I hope everyone njoyed the day well with lots of love and yummy after every celebration there would be some kind of leftovers in our refrigerator🤔!! Isn’t it?? So here’s a recipe to use up almost what you have as leftovers.. And this recipe can be done

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Minced Lamb Kebab Curry in Tomato Gravy(Leftover recipe)

Minced Lamb kebab curry in tomato paste: Last weekend we tried some yummy Arabic kebabs from a famous restaurant in Doha( Qatar).. They served us a mixed platter with all their signature Kebabs ..we managed to eat everything other than Lamb kebabs??!! Took the left Lamb Kebabs home thinking I could make some yummy curry

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