Spicy Mutton Curry

Spicy mutton curry

Mutton Curry is something that all non vegetarians love to eat along with Rice or Roti. My favorite mutton recipes are Mutton Korma and Aloo gosht. The recipe of these curries are already there in the blog. I can assure that you will love these lamb curries. Now let’s check another new lamb curry recipe.┬áThe

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Aloo Gosht Curry

Aloo Gosht curry

Spicy Lamb with Potato Curry: Gosht or Lamb is something all non vegetarians love to eat..My family too loves eating Lamb or mutton dishes. But I prefer preparing Lamb on special occasions or weekends.So here is a yummy Aloo Gosht curry which I prepared last Friday. It was a super hit in the dining table.

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Aloo Keema Matar ( Minced Lamb curry with Potato & Peas)

Aloo Keema Matar Aloo Keema Matar is a favorite dish of my family.. We all just love eating this yummy dish?!! And I learnt this particular one from my dad.. He is an awesome cook.. Minced lamb curry / Aloo Keema Matar will go well with Chapathi/ pita bread /any kind of bread or ghee

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Minced Lamb Kebab Curry in Tomato Gravy(Leftover recipe)

Minced Lamb kebab curry in tomato paste: Last weekend we tried some yummy Arabic kebabs from a famous restaurant in Doha( Qatar).. They served us a mixed platter with all their signature Kebabs ..we managed to eat everything other than Lamb kebabs??!! Took the left Lamb Kebabs home thinking I could make some yummy curry

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Lamb korma/ mutton kuruma

Lamb Korma/kuruma!! One of the most celebrated item in our family menu!! We buy lamb occasionally,mainly because of the fact that we are not that fond of lamb like chicken..So whenever I am about to cook mutton my husband prefers it this way-Korma/ Kuruma!! Lamb cooked in spicy thick coconut sauce is really a good

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