Blueberry-Cherry Coconut Mojito

blueberry cherry coconut mojito

Non-Alcoholic Blueberry -Cherry Coconut Mojito The only thing I love about summer is SUMMER DRINKS­čśé, especially Mojitos ­čŹ╣!! I love drinking non alcoholic mojitos..At home I try to recreate the kind of mojitos which we used to drink from our favorite food joints.. But my husband is more into chill smoothies and shakes .. Yesterday

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Caramel Flavored Cold Coffee

caramel flavored cold coffee

Caramel Flavored Iced Coffee I know that winter is around the corner..And there is a drink which I can have at any season without any problem-that is Cold Coffee..I don’t mind if it is Summer or Winter, I’m always ready for a big cup of Ice brewed Coffee / Cold Coffee with lot of Ice

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Strawberry Peach Lemonade

strawberry peach lemonade

Summer Drink- Strawberry Peach┬áLemonade It’s pretty hot outside, isn’t it?? So today I am coming with a big glass of lemonade enriched with Strawberry and Peach!!┬áI am not telling this a sweet yummy drink.. But one thing I can assure, this is a refreshing healthy drink with a light sour taste as well.. This is

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Dates Milkshake

dates milkshake

Dates Milkshake I hope almost everyone loves Milkshakes!! My family too loves Milkshakes.. Especially to beat the hot weather..And what if the key ingredient for the Milkshake is packed with vitamins, fibers, minerals, calcium etc etc..­čĄö!!?? So today here I am posting a Milkshake recipe with a┬áhealthy Ingredient-DATES..┬áAnd that too the dates bought from Local

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Banana- Strawberry – Cherry Smoothie

Cherry smoothie

Banana- Strawberry – Cherry Smoothie So How about a full jar of fresh sweet and tangy smoothie this summer?? I know , now all are ready for refreshing drinks anytime.. Recently we bought a new blender-Nutri Bullet, ( NB: IT’S NOT A SPONSORED POSTÔÇ╝´ŞĆ) keeping Ramadan on mind.. After opening the fast , we prefer

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Valentine’s Day Recipe Round Up

Valentine's day recipes

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone.. All are njoying LOVE either by loving someone or being loved by someone..­čĺĽ!!so the great day of love is around the corner.. And I am posting a recipe round up of Valentine’s Day special recipes.. Actually I want to thank my friend Anjana from the yummy blog At the Corner

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Red Plum Smoothie

Red Plum smoothie

I just can’t express how yummy the drink was !! it was heaven…?! never made something very simple,special and yummy yet.(at least i think so?)!! today after our weekend brunch we 3 had a craving for a sweet drink..and there i found some Red Plums..and in the dairy section there was thick cream as well..

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Pomegranate-Apple Milk Shake

Today here I am coming with a yummy  drink??!! My blog is literally starving since the beginning of this month??!! Its a very busy month for my family..and we are mostly eating out.. Hope I could post recipes soon regularly as usual?!! 2 days back i prepared some healthy smoothie at night  so that i

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Mathanga- Pazham Prathaman/ Pumpkin-Plantain Dessert( Onam Special )

Mathanga- Pazham Prathaman/ Pumpkin-Plantain Dessert( Onam Special ): First of all, I wish you all a happy Onam?!! For those who doesn’t know Onam-its the Harvest Festival of Kerala.. The festival which everyone in the state┬ácelebrates despite of the caste and religion.. Festival of flowers,happines and of course yummy food..Ona-Sadya is the key attraction..its a

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