Mixed Berry Brownie

Christmas special mixed berry browniet,

Christmas Special- Mixed Berry Brownie Merry Christmas everyone..I hope all are having a good time with your loved ones. And of course you people would be busy preparing and sharing awesome yummy Christmas treats. So here is my Christmas treat to you all-Mixed Berry Brownies with melting chocolate chips inside it.. Yes, you heard it

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Tricolor Cupcake with Buttercream Frosting

Independence day tricolor cupcake recipe

Independence Day Special Tricolor Cupcake Happy Independence Day to all Indians out there!! And here is an Independence Day special Tricolor Cupcake with Buttercream Frosting !! Baking a tricolor Cupcake was a real challenge for me.. As I have mentioned in one of my old blog post, I’m not a great Baking person ??!! Baking

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Valentine’s Day Recipe Round Up

Valentine's day recipes

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone.. All are njoying LOVE either by loving someone or being loved by someone..?!!so the great day of love is around the corner.. And I am posting a recipe round up of Valentine’s Day special recipes.. Actually I want to thank my friend Anjana from the yummy blog At the Corner

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Crepe Cake with Homemade Sapota and Pineapple Jam

Crepe Cake with Homemade Sapota / Sapodilla and Pineapple Jam First of all MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone..I can see so many smiling faces and houses decorated with cute Christmas trees on this festive season??? .. And the fragrance of yummy cakes all in the air..I hope all are happy and excited!! So here’s a Christmas special crepe

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“Chatti Pathiri”- with Caramelized Plantain & Egg

sweet chatti pathiri

“Chatti Pathiri”- with Caramelized Plantain & Egg(Kerala style sweet crepe cake): “Chatti Pathiri” is a popular Malabari dish from Kerala.. Wikipedia describes it as:” a layered pastry made in Malabar region of Kerala,India.It is made in both sweet and savory variations. And the dish is similar to Italian Lasagne”!! So I hope my friends out there got

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Eid dessert-Strawberry Trifle with Homemade Coffee Cake And Strawberry Custard

Strawberry Trifle with Homemade Coffee Cake And Strawberry Custard Hello everyone,.Eid Mubarak to all my friends over here..so here is my sweet  treat to you all, Strawberry Trifle with Homemade Coffee Cake And Strawberry Custard.. First we ( me and hubby..)made a coffee cake and thought would turn it to a layered strawberry cake!! But later

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Cupcakes With Butter Cream Frosting

My Very First CUPCAKES ON HUBBY’s BIRTHDAY?: So yesterday night one of my biggest dream was fulfilled?!! ” To Bake A CUPCAKE??”!! Yeah, you heard it right.. It was MY DREAM❤️❤️!! And now I could also celebrate our special days with homemade cupcakes & cakes.. I always used to envy those who are experts in baking,

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Bread Pudding with White Chocolate( in less than 20 mins )

Bread Pudding with White Chocolate( in less than 20 mins )!! Today I made Bread pudding for Ifthar.. It was really easy to do!! And came out so well!! The bread pudding just vanished from the dining table soon after it was served??!!even my dad and mom who were not so interested in sweet dishes, had

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Strawberry Banana Pancake

pancake with strawberry jam

Strawberry Banana Pancake: Strawberry and Banana are two favorite fruits of my family.. So I decided to make the first pancake more delicious and nutritious with these fruits??. I made it as a Friday Breakfast.. So myself, hubby and I’ll one thoroughly  njoyed our holiday breakfast.. Here’s the simple Recipe: