Welcome to Adorable Life!! myself Nimmi Afzal..wife of a wonderful husband and mommy of a cute little girl..a big foodie who loves to cook and eat yummy food..I’m really passionate about cooking, crafting, scrap booking,sewing etc !! So here I started blogging to disclose my ideas and recipes with you all..

I am residing at Doha Qatar.. This place is so full of life and enriched with rich culture and heritage..Also the tastes from whole world is available order tramadol in illinois here.. Life in Qatar opened new doors to us..We are falling in love with this place day by day..

In every single recipe, I have  tried to create a signature of myself…Also I want to help the newbies by giving a descriptive step by step image recipes..Mostly Mr.Husband clicks the yummy photos for the blog.I clicks only if he is not around ..

So join my journey of food experiences..Support me through likes, shares n comments!!

njoy folks:)!!

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  1. hi,
    I really like your blog— but with one problem.

    Under the heading or category eg. “Recipes” etc.
    Can you please, please, please index the name of the recipes in each category- because it is really difficult
    to find the required recipe and it takes up a lot of my time. It is also difficult to remember the
    names. It is hard work I know but i am not on social media and find it difficult to access. Thankyou.

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