Onam Sadya Recipes

Onam sadya recipe round up

Onam is the celebration of happiness ,joy and colors. Keralites celebrate this festival without any boundaries. I have noted one thing, during Onam everyone looks happy and energetic. Any festival would be incomplete without a feast. Onam Sadya is nothing less than a grand feast. That is another best thing about Onam , which I always look forward to.Onam special parippu payasam recipe

Now let’s talk about Onam sadya..So today I am presenting a recipe round up with all the Onam sadya recipes, which I have posted so far in the blog. I am not telling that all the sadya recipes are included in this post. There is no limit for the number of dishes you can serve for sadya. But still I have tried to include some main items from the menu, along with step by step images. From now onwards, whatever recipes I am posting from the sadya menu, you can find it here.Happy onam image

So let’s check the recipes. Do click the headings/the image to see the recipe.

Onam Sadya Recipes:

  1. AviyalKerala style Aviyal recipe
  2. Vellarikka PachadiKerala vellarikka pachadi recipe
  3. Cabbage- Carrot ThoranCabbage Carrot thoran- a typical Kerala vegetarian recipe which is served along with onam sadya.| nimmiafzal.com
  4. UnniyappamUnniyappam recipe. Unniyappam is a cute little sweet dish all the way from Kerala which is made during festive days | nimmiafzal.com
  5. Parippu Payasam
  6. Cauliflower ThoranCauliflower thoran
  7. Brussel Sprouts Thoranbrussel-sprouts-thoran

8. Mathanga- Pazham Prathamanmathanga pazham prathaman

9. Inji Pulli / Kerala Style Ginger-Tamarind Pickle.Step by step recipe of inji pulli. Pulli inji is a very popular Kerala style Ginger -Tamarind pickle served along with sadya. || www.nimmiafzal.com

Hope to add more recipes to this post in future. Now here are some pictures from our last year’s Onam celebration at home.We made almost all the everything at home except few items like banana chips, sharkkara upperi etc..It was real fun to make all things at home along with your loved ones.. Definitely the kitchen would be way too messy, but still its worth.onam sadya at homeHere is my little girl wearing a traditional Kerala dress and waiting for the Onam sadya.
onam sadya images

Sitting on the floor is the perfect and traditional way . That’s how you have to eat sadya. It will start with the savory items along with rice and finishes with sweet payasam and bananas.

onam sadya at home Onam celebration at home

So happy Onam folks..Hope this onam will bring all the happiness and prosperity to you all..

njoy folks:)!!

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