30+ Ramadan Recipes Round Up

ramadan recipe round up

Ramadan Kareem everyone..

So the most awaited holy month is here..It’s that time of the year  to cleanse our mind and body..Here in Qatar ,each and every corner is ready to welcome Ramadan..So our hearty Ramadan Mubarak to all of you.. InshaAllah let the Almighty guide us in the correct path and accept our prayers..

During Iftar time my family prefers dates, water, lot of fresh fruits, smoothies / juices along with a savory snack..I think everyone might be  following  the same ..But I am kind of different ..Soon after breaking the fast with water and dates, I used to stuff myself with savory and fried items..I know it’s not correct..but I love the snacks:)!! Can’t help it..

It’s only during Ramadan time, that we make all these kind of savory snack items.So I try to make all the possible snacks and to include everyone’s favorite items in the 30 day menu..During weekends I used to make some snacks, fillings in bulk and store in freezer for the coming week, so that I don’t have to cook everyday.

ramadan recipe round up

So let’s check the Ramadan Recipe Round up with all the kind of spicy, sweet and refreshing Recipes..I hope this would be helpful for you to make the Ramadan Menu setting process easy..

  1. Chicken stuffed Egg Butterflies chicken stuffed egg
  2. Sweet Chatti Pathiri With Caramelized Banana sweet chatti pathiri
  3. Cheesy Hashbrowns Cheesy hash browns
  4. Healthy Black Chickpeas Salad Healthy chick peas Salad
  5. Carrot Egg Samosa Carrot and egg filled samosa
  6. Irachi Pidi irachi pidi
  7. Tuna Veggie Cutlet / Patties
  8. Momos with red chilly dip momos
  9. Irachi Pathiri irachi pathiri
  10. ramadan recipe roundup Dates Milkshake dates milkshake
  11. Super Easy Apple Egg Pudding Super easy Apple egg pudding
  12. Chicken Enchiladas enchiladas
  13. Chicken stuffed Crispy Egg Boxes chicken stuffed egg boxes
  14. Strawberry Peach Lemonade strawberry peach lemonade
  15. Meat stuffed Chilly Fritters/ Mulaku Baji Meat stuffed with chilly fritters
  16. Chicken Egg Kebabs Chicken- egg Kebab
  17. Chicken Lasagna Ravioli chicken ravioli lasagna
  18. Easy Strawberry Egg Pudding
    strawberry-egg pudding in no time
    strawberry-egg pudding in no time
  19. Minced Beef Roll Ups Minced beef roll ups
  20. Chicken- Broccoli Chicken Spring Rolls Chicken spring roll
  21. Cajun Chicken Fajita Quesadilla cajun chicken fajita quesadilla
  22. Chicken Ravioli in Coconut- Garlic Sauce Chicken Ravioli in coconut garlic sauce
  23. Mixed Fruit smoothie Banana smoothie
  24. Unnakkaya
  25. Red Spinach- Chicken Patties / Cutlet Red spinach cutlet
  26. Carrot-Apple Cheese Spring Rolls Apple carrot cheese spring rolls
  27. Tuna Green Peas Quesadilla tuna green peas quesadilla
  28. Thairu Vada / Moong Dal Fritters in yogurt thairu vada
  29. Falooda
  30. Gingery Watermelon Lemonade gingery watermelon lemonade
  31. Lasagna Rolls With Tuna Filling tuna Lasagna roll
  32. Orange Mint Lemonade Orange Mint Lemonade
  33. Chicken Stuffed Grilled Biscuits grilled chicken stuffed biscuits
  34. Apple Pie French Toast apple pie french toast
  35. Sausage Mayo Tortilla Wrap sausage wrap recipes
  36. Caramel Flavored Cold Coffee caramel flavored cold coffee I hope this recipe round up will help you this Ramadan:) Once again Ramadan Mubarak..Let all our prayers be accepted this Ramadan..

Njoy folks:)


  1. So many beautiful options! thanks for bringing them all to Fiesta Friday!

    1. thank you so much:)
      Happy FF:)

  2. Happy Ramadan to you too Nimmi. Thanks for sharing this delicious roundup.

    1. Ramadan Kareem 🙂
      You are most welcome

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