Aloo Gosht Curry

Aloo Gosht curry

Spicy Lamb with Potato Curry:Aloo Gosht curry

Gosht or Lamb is something all non vegetarians love to eat..My family too loves eating Lamb or mutton dishes. But I prefer preparing Lamb on special occasions or weekends.So here is a yummy Aloo Gosht curry which I prepared last Friday. It was a super hit in the dining table. Tried to keep the recipe less oily and simple, yet tasty..Aloo Gosht curry

I prepared this Aloo Gosht curry with boneless lamb pieces. So no need to worry if you don’t have boneless pieces.Any kind of lamb/mutton pieces will do.Let’s check the recipe now.Aloo Gosht curry

Here’s the recipe:


For cooking lamb:

aloo gosht curry

  • Lamb- 300 grams
  • Onion- 2 (sliced)
  • Tomato- 2 (chopped)
  • Ginger- 1 inch piece ( crushed )
  • Garlic-6 cloves ( crushed )
  • Green Chilly – 3 ( crushed )
  • Red Chilly powder- 1 spoon
  • Turmeric powder- 1/4 spoon
  • Coriander powder- 2 spoon
  • Black pepper powder- 1/2 teaspoon
  • Garam masala powder– 1 teaspoon
  • Salt- as per needed


For the masala :aloo gosht curry

  • Oil-1 spoon
  • Potato- 2 small( sliced thin )
  • Green Chilly- 3 (sliced )
  • Ginger- 1/2 inch slice( finely chopped )
  • Cilantro leaves- a handful ( chopped )
  • Black pepper powder- 1/2 spoon
  • Curry leaves- a handful

(NOTE: A pressure cooking is required for this recipe)

How to make:

  1. First of all take a big bowl add all the ingredients for cooking lamb.With hands mix all the ingredients well.Then transfer the ingredients to the pressure cooker along with some water, say 1 glass or less than that.aloo gosht curry
  2. Let the lamb gets cooked in that curry till the pressure cooker whistles 4-5 times.Later off the flame.aloo gosht curry
  3. Now heat a pan , add oil. Once it is hot add green chilies and curry leaves and saute it for few minutes. Then add the potatoes along with salt. Reduce the flame to low and cook this with the lid closed.Don’t forget to stir in between..aloo gosht curry
  4. Now cook the potatoes for 4-5 minutes with the lid closed.Later pour half of the cooked lamb curry (without the lamb pieces) to the pan and mix well .Let the potatoes get cooked in that spicy curry for another 2-3 minutes.
  5. Now pour the full curry to the pan and stir well. Add pepper powder and more spice powders or salt if needed.Cook this on medium flame for 5 minutes till the curry becomes thick.Aloo Gosht curry
  6. Last step – add chopped cilantro leaves and off the flame.Aloo Gosht curry

So our yummy Aloo Gosht Curry is ready to serve!! This lamb curry makes a good combination with rice..Aloo Gosht curry

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Aloo Gosht curry

Njoy folks:)!!



  1. Indian food is one of my favourites, no doubts. So thanks a lot for sharing this at Fiesta Friday!

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