Sweet and Spicy Orange chicken

sweet and spicy orange chicken

Sweet and Spicy Orange Chicken

I’m a big Chinese Cuisine lover.. Will Never get fed up of Fried rice, noodles, dumplings etc !! While dining from a restaurant, automatically I used to order Chinese , If they are listed in the menu😃!! I can’t help it…😂sweet and spicy orange chicken

At home also I love trying new varieties of Chinese food.. especially sweet and spicy recipes..So today I’m coming up with ORANGE CHICKEN!! yes.. Sweet and Spicy Orange chicken.. Let me tell you, it was simply superb.. I just want to make it again and again..sweet and spicy orange chicken

So let’s check the orange chicken recipe which I served along with Chicken Fried rice..! you can find more  Chinese  Chicken recipes in this blog..

Ingredients:sweet and spicy orange chicken

  • Citrus Orange-1 big
  • Chicken-4 breast pieces( cut to square pieces)
  • Garlic-8 big cloves( finely chopped or minced )
  • Scallions/ Spring onion-1 ( chopped )
  • Onion-2 ( cut to square pieces)
  • Orange essence-3 drops
  • All purpose flour / corn flour-1/2 cup
  • Egg-2
  • Black pepper powder-1 teaspoon
  • Soya sauce-3 spoon
  • Tomato ketchup-2 spoon
  • Green bell pepper-1/2 ( cut to square pieces)
  • Salt-as per needed
  • Red chilly flakes-1 + 1/2 spoon( divide it into 2 portions)
  • Honey-4 spoon
  • Oil-3 spoon

How to make:
1) first of all, peel the zest of the orange..and divide it into 2..sweet and spicy orange chicken Now take the chicken pieces in a bowl, mix it along with lemon zest, salt, orange essence and black pepper powder.. Now keep it for few minutes say half an hour..

2) now let’s marinate the chicken..keep the flour in one plate and in another bowl keep beaten eggs.. First keep the chicken cubes in flour and then dip it in egg mixture.. Later one more time, mix the chicken cubes in flour and keep it ready for cooking ..sweet and spicy orange chicken

3) now let’s prepare the orange sauce , in a bowl take the squeeze the Orange juice, then add soya sauce.. With a whisker mix it well.. Later add tomato ketchup, half of the red chilly flakes, a pinch of corn flour.. Whisk it nicely..sweet and spicy orange chicken

4) now heat a wok, pour oil..shallow fry the chicken cubes in batches till it become golden brown and keep it aside..

5)Later in the same wok, add garlic and red chilly flakes.. Sauté it nicely in medium flame.. Then add the onion and cook for few minutes.. Later add capsicum along with some salt.. Then cook till it becomes tender..sweet and spicy orange chicken

6)now pour the sauce and keep the flame medium..add the orange zest as well..now after 2-3 minutes let’s add the chicken..mix it well with the sauce.. Add the scallions and simmer the curry for few minutes with lid closed..sweet and spicy orange chicken

7) once it is done off the flame and serve hot..!!sweet and spicy orange chicken

So our orange chicken is ready.. I didn’t use orange color..only natural color of orange juice..and for the flavor, few drops of orange essence..sweet and spicy orange chicken

So serve it hot with fried rice!! We all loved the orange flavored Chinese chicken curry..

Njoy folks!!


  1. I just love making dishes that I used to go out for, especially recipes like this. I love the sweet-spicy combination too!

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