Dates Milkshake

dates milkshake

Dates Milkshake

I hope almost everyone loves Milkshakes?!! My family too loves Milkshakes.. Especially to beat the hot weather..And what if the key ingredient for the Milkshake is packed with vitamins, fibers, minerals, calcium etc etc..?!!??dates milkshake

So today here I am posting a Milkshake recipe with a healthy Ingredient-DATES.. And that too the dates bought from Local Dates Festival happening here at Doha, Qatar..dates milkshake

The Local Dates Festival was organized by Ministry of Municipality and Environment( MME).. And we came to know that there were 20 varieties of Dates from 22 Local farms..Doha local dates festival

And must say it was a great experience..we walked around , tasted almost all varieties.. And bought 3 big bags of Fresh dates ..and must say, the price was also order tramadol credit card very reasonable..Doha local dates festival1 Doha local dates festival

So now let’s check the recipe:

Ingredients:dates milkshake

  • Dates-a big handful ( I took almost 35 as they were small, soft and tender)
  • Vanilla Ice Cream- 1 big scoop
  • Cardamom milk-1 small tin
  • Fresh milk-1 1/2 cup

How to make:

  1. ( just 1 step) wash the dates, remove seeds and put all the ingredients in the blender and blend it..
    ( if your blender is not big enough , do it in batches)!!dates milkshake

milkshake is ready!!.. the dates Milkshake was really sweet and filling.. dates milkshakeI love adding Cardamom milk to milkshakes..I am taking this drink to FIESTA FRIDAY hosted by Angie and co-hosts of  this week are Sandhya @ Indfused and Nancy @ Feasting With Friendsdates milkshake

Njoy folks?!!


  1. wow.. this is super cool.. Will try this soon. Those dates are so tempting. Love it.

    1. Thank you so much srividhya 😊

  2. Nimmi,
    What a delectable milk shake this is! I love the flavor of cardamom too.
    And the dates- yum! Wish I was at that dates festival. Thank you for sharing the photos with us at Fiesta Friday!

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