Chicken Stuffed Grilled Buttermilk Biscuits

Chicken stuffed biscuits

Chicken Stuffed Grilled Biscuits

I always wanted to try stuffed recipes with biscuits.. So this Ramadan finally I tried it ??!! I loved making stuffed biscuits .. Even my hubby was excited to see the new recipe..


As I started working late  and It was getting late for Ifthar, instead of baking I opted the easiest method-GRILLING!! It took me no time to finish this recipe..


I hope almost all will have a grilling pan or grilling machine at home!! If not , don’t worry ?we can use normal pan as well?.. And instead of normal masala flavor I added something new..

Now let’s see the recipe:



Buttermilk Biscuit dough -1 tin

Chicken -2 boneless pcs chopped ( I already marinated it with salt ,pepper powder and olive oil)

Bell peppers- red & yellow ( 1/4 pc finely chopped )

Egyptian pickled chilly- 2 ( finely chopped )

Hot sauce-as per taste

Pepper powder-a pinch

Olive oil-as per taste

Mozzarella cheese-grated ( as per needed )

How to make:

1) first of all let’s make the filling.. Heat a pan., pour olive oil, when it is hot add the bell buy cheap tramadol in uk peppers along with chopped chicken pieces.. Add some salt and stir well..

2)later add some pepper powder, chopped Pickled Chillies and hot sauce.. Mix well and cook in high flame till it gets cooked the flame when it is done


( can add any spice powders as per wish)

3) now open the biscuit tin and separate the biscuit dough balls from each other.. In a plate just press each ball to flat with fingers..

4)now stuff the chicken filling over it and finish off with a generous amount of cheese.Later close it with another biscuit layer..and press the side hard to secure the filling inside it..


5)now keep these stuffed biscuits inside grilling machine or pan and press nicely till it gets cooked well..


So our easy Ramadan recipe is done!! The more cheese you add, the more exciting it would be.. But I am refraining myself from EXTRA CHEESE??!! so my biscuits are not that cheesy…


I hope you all liked this recipe.. Do give a try and njoy the quick recipe..

Njoy folks?!!


  1. These look great! No need to keep chicken and biscuits separate anymore. 🙂

  2. Hello Dear
    Could I please ask where would I find the biscuit tins in Doha?

    1. hi..It can be found in the freezer section of all supermarkets.. I bought it from LULU.

      1. what is the other alternative? we dont get the biscuit dough in India.. Want to try it>>>>help

        1. Then i think you can make a dough with All purpose flour and butter. I’m not sure it will work as biscuit dough or not..

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