Vegan Mushroom Penne Pasta

mushroom penne pasta

Italian (Vegan) Mushroom Penne Pasta-a quick recipe

How many Pasta lovers here???? I hope almost all will say “YES”!!!! Anytime I am ready to cook Pasta.. My family’s favorite kind of pasta is Penne Pasta..I prefer to stick with Easy and Handy recipes , so that I can cook in a hurry without much effort..If you are looking for more pasta recipes, here is the recipe of another Creamy cheesy chicken penne pasta in spicy white saucemushroom penne pasta

So today here I am posting a quick Penne Pasta recipe with  Mushroom as the main ingredient along with a bowl full of veggies stuff!! That too a VEGAN recipe. I hope all pure vegetarians would be happy!! NOTE: Dear Non- vegetarians, don’t worry this pasta is as tasty as Chicken Pasta.. Even my husband loved it ( who always prefer to eat Chicken!!).

vegan mushroom penne pasta

The best thing about this recipe it is very easy to make and so yummmmm…And this is the second Penne Pasta I am posting..First one was Cheesy Creamy Chicken Penne Pasta in white suace,which was a recipe which brought lot of new Readers to my blog..chicken penne pasta in white sauce

So here is the recipe:

Ingredients:mushroom penne pasta

  • fresh mushroom- 8 nos. ( washed and sliced)
  • cucumber- 2 medium (sliced thin )
  • red and green bell peppers- 1/2 each ( sliced to half inch pcs)
  • tomato paste- 4 spoon(i used store bought one, if you want use pure thick homemade tomato puree)
  • Italian seasoning- 2 spoon( or more as per taste)
  • black pepper powder-1/2 spoon
  • ketchup-2 spoon
  • green chilly paste(store bought) -1 spoon
  • ginger- 1 inch pc (finely chopped)
  • garlic-6 cloves(finely chopped)
  • olive oil- as per need(be generous:) )
  • penne pasta- 400 gms( cooked in water with salt and olive oil)

NB: while cooking pasta be careful, dont over cook it..

How to make:

  1. heat a wok ..add olive oil..once it is hot enough, add the chopped Ginger – Garlic. Saute it well in the olive oil for few minutes till it become slightly dark in color..and this is my favorite step in this recipe..because all the nice flavor of ginger and garlic will get mixed in the oil..and it will enhance more taste to the pasta..
  2. Now add the tomato paste along with Italian Seasoning, Salt  and Black Pepper powder..mix all the ingredients together to a thick paste..and stir it for 1-2 mins in low flame..Later add the Key ingredient-Mushroom slices to the wok and mix  it well with the Tomato mixture..mushroom penne pasta
  3. cook the mushroom in tomato paste for few minutes till it gets cooked..don’t stir it too much and break the mushroom.once it is soft and cooked, add all the veggies. cook this again for few more mins with the lid closed..
  4. Later add the ketchup and green chilly paste to this veg mixture..add more Italian seasoning and Pepper powder if needed.mushroom penne pasta
  5. now the last step is to add the cooked Penne Pasta to the veg and mushroom mixture,,and stir carefully..without breaking the pasta and vegetables..cook this with lid closed for 5-6 mins on low flame with lid closed and stir it occasionally..mushroom penne pasta
  6. If needed pour few drops of olive oil above and off the flame..and Serve hot:)..

I am sure, kids and even elder ones will love this Pasta do give a try and let me know how it was..

mushroom penne pasta


Njoy folks:)


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