Sweet & Spicy Chicken In Thick Onion sauce

Sweet & Spicy Chicken In Thick Onion sauce:

I learnt this yummy Indo – Chinese chicken curry from an Aunt of mine..later i made this a number of times with slight variations.. And now the taste and flavors completely depends on my hubby’s taste ??..the recipe was actually sweeter, but now I prefer to cook it spicy..


The taste of the curry completely depends upon the chopping process.. all ingredients need to be FINELY CHOPPED!!


the curry is completely done on Onion along with Chinese sauces…you can have it with Ghee Rice/ Chapathi or any bread..




Chicken-500 grams( cut to medium pcs)

Onion-14( finely chopped ?)

garlic-3 whole( finely chopped )

ginger-2 big pcs ( finely chopped )

Green bell pepper-1 1/2 ( finely chopped )

Green Chilly-6( finely chopped )

Tomato ketchup-3 spoon( 1 for marinade and 2 for the curry)

Soya sauce-2 spoon( 1 for marinade, 1 for curry)

Green chilly sauce- 2 spoon( 1 for marinade, 1 for curry)

Pepper powder-finely crushed( 2 spoon) ( 1/2 spoon for marinade and rest for curry)

Kashmiri chilly powder-1/2 spoon( for marinade)

Egg white-of 1 egg

veg oil-1/4 cup

How to make:

1)first prepare a marinade with egg white,pepper powder, chilly powder,chilly sauce,ketchup, soya sauce and salt..add chicken to it and mix together..

keep this for 1/2 an hour or more..



2)now heat the pan, add oil and slightly fry the chicken for few mins.. This is just to make the chicken a bit fried and to give the flavor to the oil..


3)strain the chicken cheap pills tramadol from the oil and keep it aside.. Don’t off the flame..add onions to this same oil.. Saute well along with some salt..

4)cook the onion with the lid closed till it becomes soft.. The marinade’s taste should thoroughly mix up with it..

5)now add the chopped G&G and chillies ..cook well all together with the lid closed for a couple of mins..low the flame..


6)now add the sauces and pepper powder.. Again give a nice stir and close the lid..

7)now add the bell peppers and cook well..


8)now add our shallow fried chicken and mix all the thick onion sauce to it.. Cook with lids closed for 6-8 mins.. Stir occasionally..

sweetandspicychicken7Yummy chicken curry is ready!!


So here I am serving you along with Chapathi’s?!! Hope you all loved my favorite chicken recipe?..


And here I am taking my favorite Chicken Recipe to Angie’s Fiesta Friday.. A big thanks to Angie and the wonderful co-hosts at the party…

Njoy Folks?!!

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