Today here I am posting my favoriteeeeee recipe-“Rasmalai“.. ? !!

Wikipedia describes “it as a rich cheesecake without a crust”..the dish is so full of milk.. The key ingredients are homemade cheese made out of milk in almond milk syrup with full of nuts …


As i previously told in one of my post, this awesome sweet was also tasted from New Delhi soon after our wedding for the very first time.. And we could hardly get this sweet in our home town.. So the only way left was to prepare it at home itself..so on my hubby’s demand I learnt this particular Rasmalai recipe and it worked??!!



Here’s an easy recipe of Rasmalai:




Milk-2 liters

saffron-1 small pinch

sugar-1/2 cup( as per needed)

Rose water-1/2 spoon

Pistachio & Almunds-a handful( finely sliced)

lemon juice-of 1 full lemon

How to make:

1) first lets prepare the solid portion, that is the flattened Cottage cheese/paneer..boil 1 litre water in a bowl.. When it starts boiling , add the lemon juice..

2)then the milk would turn to curdy and drain it well without any traces of water in it..there should be no water content..or else use cheesecloth to press out the excess water..


3)and keep the paneer/ cottage cheese in refrigerator for few hours( at least half an hour).. Then it would become hard enough..

4)press the paneer well till soft..now make small balls out if it and flatten them.. Try to make it thick enough so that it won’t break in the syrup..


5)now lets prepare the milk syrup..heat the left milk and add sugar when its start boiling..keep stirring to avoid the milk getting sticked to the pan..

6)now low the flame and add all the nuts and stir well..


7)now mix the saffron with rose water and press nicely with hand so that the flavor comes out well..

8)pour this to the milk solution and cook well.. The muxture should be reduced by  half.

9)now add the cottage cheese/ paneer balls to this and keep stirring without breaking them..


10)stop the flame when its done!! And keep it undisturbed for dome time so that the juice oozes inside to the paneer and it get well flavored..


this is a super hit recipe at my home.. Hope you all too would love it??!!


Serve each paneer balls with lot of syrup and enjoy..


njoy folks?!!


  1. A dessert flavoured with rose water – sounds very interesting, Nimmi! I think I’d leave out my shrimps for now to enjoy this treat you have brought to Fiesta Friday. Thanks for coming & have a lovely weekend. Happy FF! 🙂 xx

    1. Ha ha😀!! Sure sure Thank you so much Jhuls dear..

  2. mouth watering……beautiful presentation nimmi…anyway u made it then y u dont feed us also?

    1. Thank you dear.. Actually it was done a year before.. But posting now only.. Next time surely I will😊

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