Crepe Cake with Homemade Sapota and Pineapple Jam

Crepe Cake with Homemade Sapota / Sapodilla and Pineapple Jam

crepe cake
crepe cake

First of all MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone..I can see so many smiling faces and houses decorated with cute Christmas trees on this festive season??? .. And the fragrance of yummy cakes all in the air..I hope all are happy and excited!!

crepe cake with fruit jam
crepe cake with fruit jam

So here’s a Christmas special crepe cake to all my friends and family !! I thought to make something new other than the plum cake.. And the first option came to my mind was Sapota/ Chikkoo.. Because right now I’m at my parents place and here we got plenty of Sapota.. Also I wanted to give 1 more taste.. So the second option was pineapple..

crepe cake

So here’s the yummy no bake cake recipe ..


For Crepes:

crepe ingredient
All purpose flour-1 1/2 cups
Sugar- 1 cup
Milk-2 cups
Butter- 100 gms ( melted )

For fruit jam:

fruit jam
fruit jam

Pineapple-1 ( finely chopped )
Sapota- 6 ( skin peeled and finely pressed)
Sugar-1 cup each for pineapple and sapota jam
Water-1 1/2 water for each jams
Whipping cream-( I used readymade one)
Pineapple-2 pcs ( finely chopped)

How to make:
1) first let’s start with the fruit jams..mix water, Sapota , sugar in a pot and on the flame..
Cook on medium flame.. Keep on stirring for 8-12 mins.. For Sapota it’s like there is a glue kind of thing.. It will come up in the stirring spoon / whisker..remove it!
2)when it reaches the consistency of jam off the flame.. Keep it aside to cool..


3)now let’s cheap tramadol price make pineapple jam.. Mix sugar, water and pineapple in a pot.. Keep it on medium flame.. Keep on stirring.. If it become dry add some more water and continue stirring..then it reaches a jam like consistency Off the flame and keep it aside to cool..


4)once the jams become cool refrigerate it for 2-3 hours..

5)now let’s start with the crepes.. In a bowl mix all the ingredients and mix well to a smooth batter.. Adjust the ingredients as per need..

6)now let’s start making crepes on a pan.. I kept the round small.. And I made nearly 28 crepes( that was the exciting part of the recipe)!! Keep the crepes on refrigerator for 2 hours..


7)now let’s start the layering process.. First I placed 1 crepe followed by whipped cream-crepe-Sapota Jam ( spread evenly) -crepe-pineapple jam-crepe.. And repeat the process till the last crepe..

crepe cake ingredients

8)now finish it off with the leftover Sapota jam and pineapple jam.. And I decorated with some chopped pineapples..


Crepe cake is ready?!!

And here is my share to the 100th Fiesta Friday !! Happy FF# 100

Fiesta Friday is really special for me.. I started the journey from 21st one.. Even though I missed some in between still it’s very close to my heart where I metal many dear friends…Love you all


So 1 more time happy Christmas..

Njoy Folks!!


  1. This looks amazing! I love crepes, and to serve them up in a cake is like two dreams rolled into one … 🙂 Thank you so much for bringing it along to our very special Fiesta Friday party!
    Ginger x

  2. I’ve seen this type of a cake a few times now – they all look delicious with the different fillings. Had not heard of sapota (looked it up) – don’t think it is available here but I am sure there is a good substitute. Thanks for sharing with Fiesta Friday #100.

    1. thank you so much for stopping by..Sapodilla/Sapota is a yummy fruit..i wish i could send you some:)..happy FF#100

  3. Oh that cake is wonderful and thank you for bringing to this special Fiesta Friday!! I just adore crepes and can eat way too many of them, this cake will satisfy my love of those gorgeous little French pancakes.

    1. thank you so much for the lovely words..and happy FF#100

  4. This crepe cake looks amazing!

  5. What an amazing cake! You are such a talented crepe maker, and I love the filling!

    1. Thank you so much ☺️☺️!! So nice to hear from you..

  6. This is a gorgeous looking cake Nimmi. Love the idea. (Why isn’t there a like button on the page)

    1. hi Skd..thank you so much:)
      i hope the like button will work now..

  7. What a very special and amazing crepe cake! I was tickled to learn about new to me ingredients and thanks for bringing this by to Fiesta Friday!

  8. A 28-layer crepe cake! This must have taken a great deal of patience and love to put together!
    I’ve heard of sapoto before, but the jam looks so yummy 🙂 and the flavours of this crepe cake sound so bright and delicious with all the fruit!

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