Strawberry-Egg Pudding in no time!

So here comes a recipe post after FOUR long months?!! I don’t know how I stayed away from my blog and friends over here for such a looooooooooooooong time?! I was cooking as usual,but still couldn’t make a post… And one thing made me really glad, even though I was not active ,my blog was active..With great comments, likes and bag full of views!! I missed my blogiversary..?!! So planning 1 special post on that soon..


And now the holy month of Ramadan arrived.. Ramadan Kareem to all..So need to refresh all my cooking and experimenting skills..?!! And I’m goin to restart my blog 1 more time with a short and sweet recipe!! That too within less than 20 mins..


And this is the first time I photographed the presentation pics, in my hubby’s Cam?!!and my li’l one helped me to bake this yummy pudding.. It was fun..And here i am taking something to Angie’s Fiesta Friday after long time..excited!!everything changed i think..


so here’s the recipe:



Egg-5 nos

sugar-1/2 cup

frozen Strawberry-1/4 packet( or 1/2 small bowl)

butter-for lining the baking tray

How to make:

1)beat the eggs well by hand in a mixing bowl or using a beater.

2) then add the sugar and continue beating..


3)mash the strawberries with a masher to tiny pcs..and pour this to the egg solution with the strawberry syrup as well..


4)now give a nice stir and pour this solution to baking tray lined with butter.


5)now bake at 360 degree for 10-15 mins in a preheated oven ,till the pudding raises and become fluffy..

use a fork to check  the pudding is done or not..


so our yummy easy strawberry pudding is can be served hot or cool..

i hope everyone njoyed this pudding treat from me Andy li’l one..


njoy Folks?!!


  1. Salam, Nimmi! It is indeed a long time. Ramadan Mubarak to you and your family. 🙂 This pudding sounds awesome – nice for iftar. Glad that you are back at blogging and FF. Have a great weekend! xx

    1. Wassalaam dear.. And Ramadan Kareem to you and family.. Yeah, feeling so happy to be back here..

  2. Welcome to Fiesta Friday and thanks for bringing your delicious strawberry egg pudding. Isn’t it wonderful when you can zip things up like that in no time? I love those individual red custard bowls. I’m sure they were gone in no time :). Thanks again and enjoy the weekend.

  3. Ramadan Mubarak Nimmi. Glad to see you back. This pudding looks delicious ?

    1. Thank you so much☺️! Yeah Ramadan Mubarak

  4. Wow long time thanks for the recipe

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