Homemade Indian Tandoori Chicken-on stove top BBQ grill pan

Yeah.. Tandoori Chicken!! At our home this very HOMEMADE Tandoori Chicken  was the star of the weekend ?!! During this winter vacation my sis visited us from Dubai and she gifted me a STOVE TOP BBQ GRILL PAN..as the name itself indicates the pan was super Awesome..loved preparing on it!! THANK YOU so much my DEAR SIS?????!!


so this pan let’s you to prepare Tandoori, Kebab,Grilled items at your kitchen and that too on stove top.. also tastes very similar to the regular grills..


and the best thing is that It’s  SUPER HEALTHY with few drops of oil brushed all over the Grill?!!


so here’s my homemade Tandoori Chicken with Homemade marinade..



Chicken-1 full cut to 8 big pcs

kashmiri chilly powder-2 spoon

chilly powder-2 spoon

dry ginger powder-1 spoon

Garlic-6-8 cloves(crushed)

ginger-1 small pc(crushed)

Cilantro & mint leaves-a handful(finely chopped)

salt-as per needed

Yogurt-1-2 spoon

turmeric powder-1 teaspoon

Coriander powder-2 spoon

Black pepper powder-1 1/2 spoon

lemon juice- of 1 big lemon

olive oil-as per needed to brush the grill

How to make:

1)mix all the ingredients except yogurt together well and make to a smooth paste..later to this add the yogurt and mix well..


2)now marinate it to the chicken pcs..and keep it in refrigerator at least for few hours or overnight..for best buy red tramadol result try to keep it overnight..


3)now on the flame and keep the grill pan above it..now pour some water to the first unit of the pan ..place the grill over it and brush some olive oil all over..

4)now place the chicken pcs on the grill and cook with the lid closed on medium flame..cook it for 15-20 mins and then open the lid..


5)now open the lid and check whether we need to pour some extra water to the pan..also flip the chicken pcs and cook again till done with lids closed..

it took nearly 45 mins to cook the Tandoori Chicken..it depends on your flame and type of chicken..and at the end brush some oil all over the chicken pcs if needed.


so our homemade Tandoori Chicken is ready..!!

Squeeze some lemon juice for better taste ..serve it with any kind of bread such as Naan,Tandoori roti, Chapathi, Pita bread or Rumali Roti and some pickled veggies..


i served it along with my homemade Beets Pickle..


i hope everyone liked this yummy recipe..also i am taking this to my Friends over at Angie’s awesome party..


njoy folks:-)!!


  1. Really nice grill pan and love the tandoori chicken.

  2. Great recipe & your new grill looks cool!! 🙂

  3. Oh wow! This looks amazing…going to have to make this soon!

  4. Oh yum..looks so juicy..love tabdoori chicken ???????

  5. That looks so delicious! For us USA cooks, when you say “Chilly powder – 2 spoon”, would that be 2 teaspoons? Thank you!

  6. Who doesn’t’ like the tasty grilled chicken? 🙂 yum!

  7. Sounds SO flavorful and delicious!! I love your new pan- what a fabulous gift 🙂

  8. Yummy recipe Nimmi and love your pan! I have to look for this now. maybe amazon will have it! 🙂

  9. Where can you buy that PAN, model, store name, that would be of big help. Thanks.

    1. the cooking pan is from Dubai..:-)
      super General BBQ GAS GRILL PAN

  10. Where can I find a grill pan like yours? I really need it. Thanks

  11. Ah! What a lovely sister! And, those look absolutely delicious. I love the dish as well. Looks tasty. Happy FF, and have a fantastic weekend.

    1. Thank you so much and happy weekend

  12. This chicken looks absolutely delicious! I’ve never seen a grill pan like that. I can see where the water would keep the chicken so moist.

  13. Wow this looks so delicious!! I love the recipe it sounds just perfect and I love the stove top BBQ… Think I need to get me one of those!

  14. What a wonderful pan! Your chicken looks delicious.

    Thank you for bringing it to FF.

  15. We went to an authentic tandoori restaurant (I think in Toronto) and love the flavors. No, you can’t get this pan online or even from Amazon. We all need to travel to Dubai or have someone gift us with this unique grill.

  16. Very cool pan Nimmi! And what a great first recipe to cook with it! The chicken looks succulent. I have a similar pan to the BBQ but never thought of using it indoors. Thank you for bringing this to FF!

  17. I love the sound of your tandoori. A lovely spice mix and perfect cooked with virtually no fat! 🙂

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