Green Veg Curry With Cashew & Coconut cream

Ever since I tasted Thai dishes,it was a dream to make similar with Indian Spices?!! Yesterday I did it.. More like Thai Green curry ,but with Indian spices and no Thai Ingredients..



It was a super hit at the dining table for supper along with both chapathi & Rice!!yeah my not so veggie Husband and li’l one loved it and got a Thumps Up from him??!!



the recipe I made was very simple and the only time consuming part was chopping the veggies..after the dish was done I smile like anything ?!! Because I was that happy.. Just like a scientist’s experiment went right ?!!


so here’s my easy Green Veg Curry:


Thai green veg curry

carrots-2(sliced thick to half inch pcs)

poatato-2(sliced thick to half inch pcs)

green beans-6(sliced thick to half inch pcs)

frozen green beans-a handful

broccoli-1/4( sliced )

green thick paste-4 spoon

( for green paste you need:


garlic-4 cloves

mint leaves-a small bunch

cilantro leaves-a small bunch

green chillies-4(or as per taste)

coriander powder-2 spoon

red chilly powder-1/2 teaspoon

cashew nuts-a handful(soaked in water)


coconut cream-6 spoon(or as per creaminess needed)

oil-2 spoon

How to make:

1)lets start with the veggies first..half boil all of them in enough water along with some salt..and drain them out to a pot !! save the vegetable stock!! all the richness of the vegetables are in this boiled let’s use it up ..

2)now let’s prepare the thick green paste..add all the ingredients except cashew nuts to a blender and give a toss till smooth paste..later add the cashew and blend again till we get the rich thick green paste..


3)now heat the cooking pan..add oil ..when heated add the thick green paste and saute well for a while..

4)now to this thick paste add the vegetable stock and let it get mixed well..and cook in medium flame and allow it to boil well..


5)now add the half cooked vegetables,coriander powder(1/2 spoon if needed) and mix well..cook this in low flame with the lid closed for nearly 10 mins or so..(stir in between)

6)now pour the coconut cream and stir well the rich creamy curry is all ready to the flame…


so the yummy green curry would go well with Rice,Chapathi or any other bread..



do give a try to this simple yet different recipe and have a new taste..


njoy folks:-)!!


  1. Sounds super yummy! 🙂

  2. awesome Indian adaptation of the Thai curry!

  3. I love the green color and recipe sounds very tasty! 🙂

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