Brown Bread Pudding with Apple & Banana

Bread Pudding with Whipped cream :

This weekend I made something very new to our taste buds..yeah,pudding with brown bread..!! The result was good ?

brown bread pudding

the brown bread itself is hard.. That’s why I tried to keep it moist & fruity with melting chocolates..

brown bread pudding with fruits and chocolate

Here’s the recipe:


brown bread pudding with fruits and chocolate

  • Brown bread-10 sliced or so( cut to pieces )
  • Chocolate chips-a handful ( as much as you need )
  • Banana-3 ( sliced round )
  • Apple-1 ( sliced thin )
  • Milk-2 cups
  • condensed milk-3/4 tin
  • Vanilla extract-1 teaspoon
  • Butter-50 gram

How to make:

1)first of all mix milk, condensed milk and vanilla extract together and whisk for few mins..

brown bread pudding with fruits and chocolate

2)now grease the baking dish with butter..later place the bread slices in evenly all over the dish and press hard..

3)above the bread, sprinkle the butter cut to small pieces and chocolate chips..later place Apple & Banana slices evenly..

brown bread pudding with fruits and chocolate

4)pour 1/2 of the milk solution all over this and do the second layer just like this..add more milk if needed!!

brown bread pudding with fruits and chocolate

5)pour the left over mixture all again and press a bit with hands..

6)now bake in a preheated oven at 200 degree for 25-30 mins till the pudding becomes hard , but still moist..


7)now serve hot or chill along with the whipping cream on top so that the pudding is super moist and yumm..?

brown bread pudding with fruits and chocolate

The recipe of whipped cream is in my previous post of Eid Special Strawberry Trifle!! I made that same whipped cream for this pudding too with a creamy liquid texture..

brown bread pudding with fruits and chocolate

the melted chocolate chips were too good!! I hope my friends at Angie’s party would love this easy pudding!!


njoy folks?!!


  1. yum, this sounds really good. I love that you made it with brown bread!

  2. Wow! what an amazing over-the-top bread pudding you have made for us! I think you have pushed bread puddings to new heights today! I only wish that I could reach through the screen and grab a bowl! 🙂

  3. I haven’t had bread pudding since I was a child. Thanks for the share & awakening fond memories.

  4. This sounds so yummy!!!

  5. I love bread pudding. This recipe looks so decadent.

  6. Wow! What a tasty, tasty pudding. 😀 Have a lovely week, Nimmi. <3

  7. I love Bread Pudding and yours looks wonderful!!

  8. Delicious pudding Nimmi. Missing your posts. All’s well?

    1. thank you so much SKD:-)
      i am so glad to know you missed my posts and asked for me..yeah everything just Fine..but was really busy these days..all the time we were back to routine..

      1. Glad to have you back 🙂

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